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About Called to Write

What is Called to Write?

Called to Write is a private network exclusively for writers who want a positive, supportive environment to follow their call to write and have the accountability needed to make it happen.

We help you take practical action on your writing, goals, craft, vision, and career. 

We aim to help you build and create a lasting writing career so you're not only doing what you were put here to do -- but also ultimately getting paid to do so.

What We Do Here

We Help You Fulfill Your Call to Write

Writing on your own, day after day, can feel all but impossible some days. But when you feel the call to write, writing is not optional — even if we need some support to help us make the work happen.

Let's face it — there are many obstacles to writing: resistance, blocks, doubts, fears, and plus just life can get in the way. We help you show up and do the work, so you can feel anchored in yourself by doing what you were put here to do.

We Help End Writer's Isolation

Coming together in a safe, positive environment helps us end our writer's isolation. Being with other writers focused on making the work happen and seeing our books, scripts, and other writing projects all the way through to done is incredibly motivating and empowering. 

We Welcome All Writers 

We welcome writers from all walks of writing: novelists, screenwriters, bloggers, essayists, memoirists, non-fiction and creative non-fiction authors, self-help authors, playwrights, and more. We work to help writers from all walks of life feel welcome, accepted, and safe here regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, and ability.

Our community of writers is a great resource for getting answers and support around all your writing challenges — as well as being a place to celebrate your accomplishments.

We Set Monthly Writing Goals Together

Each month we share our writing goals and intentions with each other for the coming calendar month. 

We Help Hold Each Other Accountable

At the end of the month, we share our successes, progress, and accomplishments to help hold ourselves accountable to our goals, and plan ahead about we want to accomplish in the next coming month.

We Offer a Critique-Free Zone

There are plenty of places to receive feedback and critiques. We deliberately keep Called to Write a critique-free zone so that writers have a safe space to focus on writing, along with having a place to come to deal with the challenges of difficult critiques — with the support of other writers who get it.

We Create a Powerful Community Space & Coaching Opportunity

We Support Each Other Through Live Community Events

Our founder, Jenna Avery, leads live community events each month on writing-related topics, as well as answering your writing-related questions and providing coaching to members in a group setting.

Weekly Zoom Meetings

We start each month with a Theme & Coaching Meeting on Zoom, typically on the first Tuesday or Wednesday of the month at 11 a.m. Pacific Time (with minor variations for holidays or travel if needed). We begin this meeting with a discussion of our monthly theme (more on this below) and then have time for Q&A and coaching with Jenna for the second half of the event.

Over the rest of the month, we hold weekly Zoom meetings where we address any writing-related coaching topics and challenges coming up for our writer-members. These events are typically held on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at 11 a.m. Pacific Time as well.

We find these meetings to be unusually profound, meaningful, insightful, and fun. It's such a treat to engage with thoughtful writers who support each other so well.

December 2020 Zoom Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, December 1st, 11 a.m. PT
Tuesday, December 8th, 11 a.m. PT
Tuesday, December 15th, 11 a.m. PT
*No meetings the last two weeks of December.

The meetings are recorded and archived on our site for approximately 28 days so you can play them back and listen if you miss them, and we invite you to post questions for discussion ahead of time if you're unable to attend live.

Quarterly Book Club

Usually once per quarter we read and discuss a writing-related book together. For example, we've read Jon Acuff's book Finish on one of our member's recommendations and then had a terrific discussion surrounding it, and we held another book club event to discuss Steven Pressfield's The War of Art.

In December 2020, we are reading John McPhee's Draft No. 4: On the Writing Process.

We Explore a New Theme Each Month

We Discuss Writing Topics and Themes

Each month we explore a writing-related theme, through our Zoom meetings, live chat events, discussions, and more. 

December's theme is Renewal.

Recent themes included Staying Motivated and Creating Focus

Here are examples of other past monthly themes:

How We Write Together

We Write Together in Writing Sprints

A core element of Called to Write is our writing sprints

We currently offer DAILY coach-led writing sprints at 9 a.m. Pacific Time, where we gather with our members in our onsite chat room, check in to set our goals and intentions for our writing sessions, write for an hour, then come back at the end of the hour to celebrate what we accomplished.

Our writing sprints are incredibly motivating and inspiring. There's nothing quite like writing alongside other writers to help you stay focused on your writing for the day. Our writers rave about the difference participating in sprints makes for their writing and about the good energy we all experience when we join in the fun.

We Offer Add-On Writing Supports

We Offer Private 1:1 Coaching With Our Founder Jenna Avery

Our Founder, Jenna Avery, offers private 1:1 coaching for writers wanting help to write more consistently, working to get their books and screenplays finished, building their author websites and social platforms, and more.

Find out more about 1:1 coaching with Jenna here

We Offer Additional Programs & Support for Writers

In addition to the foundational program we offer, inside our network we also run periodic courses and programs for an additional fee, like our Deep Dive Writing Intensives

(Deep Dive Writing Intensives dates are announced on the Deep Dive registration page, inside the network and to Jenna's mailing list.)

We are exploring offering other courses and support options (see below).

What We're Considering for the Future

New Possibilities

As our community grows and expands, we're looking at adding additional supports for the future, offered as optional add-ons to the foundational program at an additional fee, such as:

  • A Writing Boot Camp Course so you can build or reboot your writing habit. 
  • Small Coach-Led Accountability Groups to replace our original Writer's Circle program, with a form of daily or weekly accountability with coaching.
  • Goal Groups designed to connect writers with others working on a similar project or timeline.
  • Additional courses on topics like quieting your inner critic, building your writing platform, and more.

Join Us!

How It Works

Our Called to Write Community Membership is designed as a monthly subscription. When you click the "subscribe" button, you'll be immediately walked through setting up your username, password, profile, and subscription, and you'll have immediate access to our community, writing sprints, community events, study groups, discussions, and more!

The rate for the program is $59.99 per month, renewed automatically on the same calendar date each month after you register. You may cancel at any time, and our system will automatically end your subscription at the end of your billing cycle. 

$59.99 per month
Join any time, Cancel any time


If our regular rate is financially out of reach for you, particularly if you have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and/or if you identify as Black, Indigenous, Native American, First Nations, Latinx, Asian, or a Person of Color, we welcome you to apply for a reduced rate or scholarship by clicking here


Please contact us directly to set up your subscription at support@calledtowrite.com. Our membership does not have a VAT requirement because of the format of our offerings, but the subscription service here will automatically apply it, so we will create a custom subscription for you.

Join us! 

We'd love to write with you.

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